We aim to inspire businesses to create authentic brands.  Whether the company is bold and dynamic or minimalistic and simple. We are here to understand the company's foundation and build a brand identity that reflects it in it's entirety. 


Our vision is to create brands that audiences all over relate to and support. From small companies to large corporations. Our goal is to help over 200 businesses over the next 5 years grow and thrive. 


My name is Shawn and I am an intuitive brander. After COVID hit in 2019 I went on my spiritual journey which connected me in so many ways to my creative side. I have always been in the space of social media with my YouTube channel and once I opened my company Xcessoreyez in 2017 I then began to explore the world of branding.


I enjoyed branding so much that I would create fake business just so I could unlock that creative space. In 2019 I began to develop my craft. I taught myself how to design through countless hours of watching tutorials and learning from the pros. However the most important part has been following my intuition. As I started working with brands I found myself tuning into their spirits and their business goals and creating from there. Things start to flow intuitively and that is when I knew this was not only my passion but my calling.